Spanish in Action

Our Spanish skills have been coming along brilliantly.  Check out some of the inspirational things that we've been up to...
We produced Spanish weather forecasts using our amazing Spanish skills and a green-screen.
Conversations and Writing Sentences to describe
Watch and read some of our Year 5 and 6 Spanish conversations and writing to describe objects. We worked really hard to agree the adjectives correctly depending on if the object was masculine or feminine and whether it was singular and plural. Can you hear and spot this in our conversations and writing?
Spanish colours song compositions 
Have a look at our colour songs we composed in Spanish. Can you find the song lyrics that accompany them below and recognise the tunes we composed our music to?
¡Hola! ¿Quieres jugar?
Hello! Do you want to play?
Try out the Spanish games below to test your vocabulary.