Music Intent Statement

Music at The Grove

Welcome to The Grove music page 


At the Grove School we are passionate about every child receiving a high-quality musical education across the year groups. We want the children leaving our school to feel empowered to embrace musical experiences and emboldened to have their own musical opinions and ideas about different genres. We want them to feel happy and confident with music as a subject and skilled enough to partake in musical clubs, classroom discussions, improvisations, cross-curricular learning and to have a good understanding of basic musical terminology, e.g. dynamics and tempo. 

We use the Charanga musical curriculum which we have adapted to ensure that each term children are introduced to a range of musical genres and activities in a two-year rolling programme. The lessons begin with listening activities, focusing on a key song/piece for the unit. They then develop into aural activities and eventually performance experiences. Alongside this a range of other complimentary pieces are introduced and the children gain skills in musical discussion, rhythmic activities and singing. They are designed to be fun and are really enjoyed by the children and staff!


From EYFS to year 6 the children are taught to recognise and appreciate a range of different musical genres. This not only broadens their musical experiences but, over time, embeds greater listening skills and allows them to place their listening into a musical timeline. The Charanga units – which we have adapted to complement our own curriculum and mixed year groups – are closely aligned with the National Curriculum and also cover many of the aspirational elements of the Model Music Curriculum, published in March 2021.

The Charanga units take us through a range of different musical genres, which we are hoping to expand to include some more Classical styles.

Currently the children complete units incorporating:

-      Nursery rhymes

-      Funk

-      Traditional Western songs

-      Disco

-      Western Pop

-      Blues

-      Latin

-      Baroque

-      Bhangra

-      RnB

-      Hip Hop

-      Reggae

-      Rap

-      Rock

-      Jazz

Charanga really champions the core skills:

-      Listening

-      Understanding

-      Composing

-      Improvising

-      Singing/Instrumental Performance

Which become progressively more challenging as the children progress through the school and have benefited from the musical teaching they have had previously.