It is everyone in our community's responsibility to look after children and young adults.  If you have child protection/safeguarding concerns about a child please see devonsafeguardingchildren.org for information of what to do.  If you want to discuss please call and ask to speak to Mrs Priest, Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Stirrup or Mrs Hedley-Clark.

Safeguarding Story Books for 3 - 8 year olds (Kim May)

Kim May is an Australian author and abuse survivor who has spent over 35 years working in social services with children and young adults in a variety of roles including developing and facilitating Protective Behaviour programs for young girls with a disability.

Kim grew up in a suburb of Melbourne where family violence, abuse and prejudice was a common occurrence. It was through these challenging moments of her life that she learnt how important it was for children to have a voice.

The books Books have been endorsed by Clinical Psychologist Dr Zoe Taylor. Dr Taylor and her colleagues use the books in their practice and have had great success with children of various ages.

‘Funny Feelings Aren’t Funny’ is a story of a young Gingerbread character in a variety of situations which could be perceived as being unsafe. The book teaches children to recognise their own body’s reactions when they may be feeling nervous anxious or unsafe.

Buy at Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Funny-Feelings-Arent-Kim-May/dp/0648474003

‘It’s all Ok By Me’ is a story of a young Gingerbread character and their friends who are from different ethnicities, gender, culture, religion, families and abilities. The book covers all layers of diversity & teaches the child to accept, celebrate and embrace themselves and ALL others.

Buy at Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Its-all-Funny-Feelings-Arent/dp/0648474011

‘Have I given you my CONSENT?’ is a story of a young Gingerbread character in various scenarios where they are feeling uncomfortable. The story teaches children the concept of consent and their rights to give, or not give consent when they may be feeling uncomfortable,

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