Computing in Action

Computing at The Grove
Welcome to The Grove Computing webpage. 
 Our computing learning is embedded in all our other subjects, from literacy to music, numeracy to PE.  It enhances children's learning, supports the other subjects and makes children into confident, safe and respectful users. 




We follow the national curriculum, linking objectives to topics in a cross-curricular manner where possible.  The progression of skills allows children to build on fundamental computing skills as they progress through primary school.  Please see our progression of skills document below.  Click on the links below to see the Key 1 and 2 curriculum areas, and then look at some of the examples of our computing learning.

We believe that as they leave primary school, children should be able to use digital technologies:

1. Safely – ensuring they always keep themselves and their personal information safe.

2. Discerningly – ensuring they know how to evaluate the information they receive through the digital world.

3. Responsibly – ensuring they communicate respectably in the digital world.

4. Confidently – ensuring they are confident to try new software and hardware.

5. Effectively – digital technologies are a tool to enhance their enjoyment and success in life, not limit their potential.

We've used green screen filming to make our literacy work come alive!
Lime Tree Class are learning how to create and improve algorithms using Probots.
We are expert coders and have made all sorts of great games that are connected with our learning.  Good luck trying to navigate Shackleton's ship!
We're proficient with lots of different programmes, including PowerPoint...
...and many more.
We also use ICT to enhance our learning through websites such as Times Table Rock Stars.
We also have a Virtual Learning Platform hosted by eSchools that is used throughout our learning.  We share ideas, organise our lives, create blogs and learn to use social media in a responsible and respectful way. Here's an example of a chatroom discussion...
We've used stop motion animation to enhance our science work.
We encourage the use of technology in our homework.  Here's Milly's homework on Stonehenge.
And here's the blooper!
We've been using eSchools to produce blogs.  Here's Martha's blog about woolly mammoths.
We're using Seesaw to share our learning with our grownups.  Children can now log in using a secure QR code and post images, photos and videos of things they are proud of.  Their grown ups can then look at their posts at home using another secure QR code log in.