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 COVID 19 plans for September:

We are planning a fun and exciting return to school for all the children.  We will be working on rebuilding learning stamina, motivation for learning, enjoyment in learning, perseverance and team work.  We will also be focusing on children’s mental health, friendships, how to manage the new normal in society and school and children’s individual needs.  We will be taking September very gently and will maintain a very keen observant eye on your children without over-stretching or worrying them.  We will also be working on fitness and agility.  We will be in touch with you should we have any concerns at all so that we can maintain the team approach with parents. 


We will also be preparing what our ‘remote learning’ package will look like should there be a local lockdown or a bubble which needs to close due to COVID 19.  When lockdown occurred the first time we had no time to prepare and I think you will agree that our teachers did an amazing job of inventing a way of learning at home that suited most children.  As staff we have never had any training of how this might occur as no one could have anticipated ever teaching or learning this way!  We acknowledge some changes would be beneficial to remote learning so we will discuss this as a team and have appreciated your feedback.


All classes will be their own ‘bubble’ so they will not have access to other children in other classes.  Playtimes and lunchtimes will be staggered to maintain this approach.  The full learning day is catered for with the staggered start and ends by adjusting lunch and playtime lengths for all classes.  Lunches will be provided for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 free of charge and other year groups will be able to book their school lunches as normal at a price of £2.50.  Children having school dinners will eat their lunches in the school hall, but within their own bubbles. Children eating packed lunches will eat in their classrooms to keep the numbers manageable for lunchtime staff.  All food preparation will follow strict hygiene guidance as always.


As a school we have always been proud of our kind, caring and warm ethos of being one big family, which with the guidelines and new restrictions will be trickier.  We will try really hard to maintain our ethos and we will have whole school uniting tasks that can be shared with other classes remotely, and children will be able to remotely chat to other children in other classes.


September Practical Arrangements



Arrival Time

Pick up time


Acorn Unit




Dove Year 1 and 2




Lime Year 1 and 2




Beech Year 1 and 2




Chestnut Year 3 and 4



Main Entrance

Golden Cedar Year 3 and 4



Main Entrance

Mountain Ash Year 3 and 4



Main Entrance

Ginkgo Year 5 and 6


All classes will be filtering out between 3.15-3.20pm

Field or walk home on their own.

Flame Year 5 and 6


Trumpet Year 5 and 6




Access to the field is through back entrance (sorry but you cannot walk through the school).


Siblings drop off at earlier time and pick up at latest time, eg if you have a child in Chestnut and one in Acorn you can drop both at the front entrance at 8:45am and collect both from the front entrance at 3.05pm


Any children not picked up at allocated time will be taken to main entrance.  Late collections will be noted.


The school gate will be closed at 3.25pm.  No loitering on the field allowed.


Only one parent/adult to drop off and collect children.


Preschool children need to be in a buggy or hand held at all time.


No parents in school building or playground at all.


Drop offs and pick-ups must observe social distancing at 2m.


No SEN mouth based calming sensory tools in school please.


Year 6 Residential is currently postponed.  Date to be confirmed.


Clean School uniform at all times.


Lunch box and water bottle only items to come into school and return home.  There will be no reading books sent home, but a quality online reading resource will be provided.


No fruit snack for Reception, Years 1 and 2 (the government have suspended this for now)


Sorry no volunteers.


No Praise Assemblies this term.  Staff will think of ways to share the children’s learning with you.


All communication with staff and parents will be by email or phone only.


A new Risk Assessment is posted on the school website (see under parent information).


Parents are not to park outside the main entrance or on the road at Heathway.  Please walk or use South Hams car parks.  Car parking permits are available from South Hams District Council.



Other school information:

We hope you find out all you need to know about our school from this website but if you don’t, feel free to give us a call or pop in.  We are an excellent school with amazing children and staff.  We love our school and are sure you will too!  


What are we like as a school?

The best place to see us in action is through our class pages - use the tab above to have a closer look at what our learning at The Grove School looks like.
We now also are offering before school and after school care for your children.
Safeguarding at our school is our highest priority.
Please see our safeguarding policy for more details and if you have any concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.  Find details for contact here:
We are part of Operation Encompass, helping families within domestic abuse situations.  Please see http://www.operationencompass.org/



There is no on-site parking and access is restricted in the interests of the safety of our pupils, staff and visitors.  Please find alternative parking outside of the school grounds and walk in to school and use the double doors at our entrance at the bottom of Blueball Hill.


Easy Fundraising

Just a reminder that you can raise FREE donations for The Grove School every time you shop online! 4,000 shops and sites will donate when you use #easyfundraising, so you can support us when you're doing your everyday shopping. Just use the link below.



New In Year Admissions - Full

We are full in all our classes and year groups.  Applications for 2020 Reception is now closed. Please see our admissions policy, contact Devon County Council for admissions and to go on the waiting lists.   

Hilary Priest


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