English in Action


The winning Christmas poems:

Well done to Ava-Grace M in Trumpet tree class.  Father Christmas really could see the depth in this poem – even if a little sad at the end, it does remind us to check in with our older generations:


You know Christmas, everyone does.

And I’m sure you know what it’s like growing up.

The sweet, festive smell, floating in the air.

Everything decorated, nothing at all bare.

Snow six inches deep, carpeting the ground.

The carollers singing, what a beautiful sound.

Taking pictures with Santa, at the cold Christmas Fair.

Happiness spreading about, everywhere.

But as time shows itself, wrinkles grow.

Everything aching from head to toe.

My food goes cold, even the mince pies

Everything tasteless, no surprise.

No family left, I close my eyes,

And the angels take me.

Up to the cold winter skies…


And from Key Stage 1, Father Christmas loved this warm cosy feeling poem by Aoife in Dove:


Cold frost outside

Gentle snowflakes falling

Spiky green holly with red berries

I skate on the ice


I smell cinnamon sticks and the roasting fire

Scrunchy wrapping paper

People singing sweet songs

Santa saying ho ho ho as his sleigh whooshes across the starry sky

Robin Read Breasts tweeting


Amazing new presents

Funny Christmas Jumpers

Candy canes hanging on the tree

Sparkling lights

Shiny baubles

Different coloured tinsel

Happy Children playing


Dad burps as he eats the turkey

I give my mum a big hug

My family smile at me

I feel good.