P.E in Action

Year 2 children trained to be leaders for the KS1 Invasion Games Festival.  All of the KS1 classes participated and the leaders were brilliant leading their activity.
Winners of the Dartmoor School Sports Partnership, fancy dress 1 mile fun run on a very wet afternoon at Stover.
The school went to watch The Tour of Britain as it raced through Totnes.
As part of our PE curriculum, Year 2 children from KS1 Classes joined Key Stage 1 children from Berry Pomeroy School for a basketball coaching session. The festival was run by Saints Southwest Sports Coaches and the children from both schools had a fantastic time together making new friends and learning new skills!
Our full curriculum for PE and the linked progression of skills plan are available in school.  Feel free to request a copy.
Active Themed Week
Children in year 3 and 4 enjoy creating sequences using the large apparatus.
Year 5 P.E.
The children have been working with the sports coordinator from KEVICC on their athletics skills!
Children enjoyed working with the School Sports Co-Ordinator from KEVICC, improving their tennis skills.
Collaboration, is one of the core values at the Grove, in oroenteering, we have been working on this value.