Our Governing Board

Who  becomes a governor?
Volunteers from the local community who care about the school and  who give their time and skills to help it to thrive, grow and become a better place.
What is the core role of the governing board?
  • to help set the school vision and aims
  • to be a critical friend by supporting and challenging the headteacher
  • to monitor and evaluate progress
  • to appoint senior staff
  • to oversee the school budget
  • to act in the best interests of the school at all times
What are its working arrangements?
The full governing board meets five times a year. In between these meetings, two committees, the Resources and the Teaching and Learning Committees, meet four times a year. There are also lead governors for specific areas, such as for  Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) or pupil premium pupils. 
COVID arrangements
During the pandemic, Governors have been meeting virtually. From   Autumn term 2021, committees have been put on hold and governors business has taken place at in-person full governing board meetings.
What do the committees and lead governors do?
The  work of the Resources Committee covers the school budget, Health and Safety,  staffing and personnel matters and the school site. The  Chair of this committee is Rob Hill. 

The  work of the Teaching and Learning Committee covers the curriculum, teaching and learning, performance data, SEND, children's attendance and safeguarding. The Chair of this committee is  to be elected at the first meeting of the school year.

Governors  in  lead roles  visit the school  regularly to focus on that area and report back to the relevant committee.  The current governors have taken on roles in Safeguarding, SEND, Early Years, Pupil Premium  pupils, and  Premises and Health and Safety.  

The governors also have a role in making decisions about  disciplinary issues, pupil exclusions, staffing matters and grievances. This is done in the First Committee which only meets if necessary. If there is an appeal against the decision of the First Committee, then this would be heard by the Appeals Committee. Decisions about Pay are made by the Pay Committee.


Who is the Chair of governors?

Ian Stewart is Chair of governors and  the Vice-Chair is  Joel Mcilven. They hold office for two years.


How can I contact the Chair of governors?

 You can email the Chair at chair@the-grove-primary.devon.sch.uk


What are the terms of reference for the committees?

Please click on the links below for the  terms of reference for the Resources Committee and the Teaching and  Learning Committee. 



Meet the Governors
There are 12 governors on the governing board. They have been appointed or elected for terms of 4 years. 
Please click on the links below to find out who they are, the committees that they belong to and their lead roles.