The Grove Learning Treasure Trove

Learning is a treasure that you take with you everywhere.
Our Learning Values
 Grove Treasures for the children:
  • A passion for learning
  • Inspiring learning opportunities
  • Our time-so they can learn and grow
  • Our best
You are now entering the Learning Pit!

Sounds scary doesn't it? Well let me set your mind at ease-it's not. It's brill.

The Learning Pit, or the Learning Challenge, is used to promote challenge, dialogue and a growth mindset. It was created by James Nottingham. The Learning Pit is a tool and way of thinking for teachers, leaders and support staff to help guide learners in the development of critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking. It is a model that provides learners with a language to think and talk about learning. It helps build participants’ resilience, collaboration, creativity and independence.

So now you know and when your children come home talking about the Learning Pit you won't immediately think that we've got a petrifying,Mrs Trunchball  inspired "chokey."

Treasured Aims
To nurture our children's:
Teacher's Latest Learning
  • Mike Hughes-The Magenta Principles
  • Carol Dwek- Building A Growth Mindset
  • M.A.G.I.C  training (EH4MH-Early help for mental health)
  • Teaching children how to solve big problems (the elephants in the room) one small step at a time.
The Acorn Unit recently took part in an exciting collaboration with Soundart Radio called "Every Child has a Voice."
They created some wonderful audio work which is being premiered at the festival below.