School to reopen Monday 15th September for all children.

Latest Santus test results for contamination


Thank you everyone for attending the parent meeting on Friday and for sharing your comments.

The school completely understands parents’ concerns and we will do our utmost to address them.


These points cover most of the areas raised:


  • All the soil and dust test results show that the building site soil is within acceptable levels, the classrooms are clean and the site for the children is not a risk to their health. The most recent ‘frisbee’ results are due back in a week but since there was no dust created from the gasometer as the soil was wet and all other dust particles have been suppressed using a dust suppression system they are expected to show no raised levels.

  • Dust will be suppressed continuously whilst the uncontaminated soil is being removed to reduce the site level to start the build. This soil has been tested using the usual methods and is not shown to contain contamination. This will be completed by 4 weeks time.

  • The hoarding will be returned to the pre-summer positioning within 2 weeks to give us more space.

  • The site will receive a thorough second deep clean before the children arrive on Monday

  • The noise will be continuously monitored during the build to ensure safe levels are maintained

  • Kier’s safe systems of work are of a high standard, if you would like to see the health and safety operational procedures document GE700 please let us know

  • Health and Safety advisors from Kier and from Devon County Council visited the site on Thursday and no significant issues were raised.

  • We will ensure that our contingency plans and methods for contacting parents is reviewed and parents are advised of these improvements.

  • The governors and specialists are in agreement that whilst the school does not look pretty at the moment and the outdoor environment is not ideal it is completely safe for children to return to school. The standard of education that the school provides for the children will continue at an outstanding level and we will ensure we compensate for the limited outdoor space by using Forest schools and getting out and about on a regular basis.

  • Hilary is going to speak to Sue Clarke and to Alan Salt when they become available to discuss ideas raised by parents. She has left messages.

  • We look forward to welcoming you back at school on Monday morning


The Grove School.


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