Step inside our classrooms

A Year 3/4 classroom
A Literacy Sequence
To begin our year of literacy learning we are using the poem "Beachcomber" by George Mackay Brown. We are so lucky to live in a location where we can go and explore the beach. We have been incorporating grammar and expanding our vocabulary in order to create distinctive and creative descriptive writing. We have just started planning our own poems, "Moorcomber" based on an amazing collection of natural things found on Dartmoor and things we have found and seen when we've been exploring the moors ourselves. 
Science  - Sound Explorations!
In Science this half term Year 3/4 classes are exploring Sound - How it is made, how we hear it and what ways we can alter pitch and volume, including soundproofing.  We started the topic off with a noisy, but very fun, afternoon exploring different ways we can make and hear sound. We also discovered we can feel sound! 
In art in Year 3/4 we explore sketching skills, shade and tone, clay, printing and collage. 
The Song of St Francis Workshop
We had a really creative morning with a member of the local community. They told us the story of St Francis, we learnt a song and dance to retell the tale and then did some artwork, using elements of the story and our own ideas.