School Uniform Guidance

School Uniform at The Grove

At The Grove School we do have school uniform.  This consists of a maroon jumper, gold T-Shirt/Polo shirt and grey skirt/trousers or shorts.  There is no set requirement to purchase these items through a particular supplier.  We do work with a company 'MacPac' that you can purchase The Grove School branded items from.  We also have many  second hand items on sale in school.  If you would like to have a look and purchase some please contact Rebecca Rockett.


Below is our School Uniform Policy

  • Plain grey or black trousers or shorts- Required

  • Gold School Polo Shirt or one of a similar yellow colour- Required

  • Burgundy School Sweatshirt/Cardigan or one of a similar burgundy colour- Required

  • Any colour socks or tights- Required in the winter months

  • Plain grey tunic/skirt- Required

  • Red/White or Yellow/White checked summer dress- Optional

  • Red/yellow/white/grey leggings to match skirt worn- Optional

  • No leggings without skirt.


  • Black shoes/ winter boots or trainers- Required

  • Summer Sandals – - Optional

  • No ‘Crocs’ or flip flops

Pupils are not permitted to wear any jewellery with the exception of a watch and stud earrings. If pupils are wearing stud earrings they must put tape on these when doing P.E.