P.E Intent Statement

P.E at The Grove


At The Grove we are passionate about physical education. We strive for the children to leave The Grove feeling excited and passionate, with a love of physical activity and the fundamental skills to enable the children to have the confidence and willingness to try new activities to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.  In order to do this we:

  • Embed physical activity into the children’s daily lives, through themed week, clubs, leaders and daily opportunities to be active.

  • Target children to encourage them to be more active.

  • Provide equal opportunities for children, including participation and competition, through aesthetics, team games for boys and girls and individual games and giving the children to set personal targets.

    (Attend as many events as possible, encouraging children to take part in competitions – School Sports Partnership, local clubs etc)

  • Build on independence to build resilience to undertake a variety of roles within PE, such as, referee, captain and player and to show good sportsmanship.

  • Provide children with opportunities to experience different sports and activities.

  • Ensure equality through resources and funding

  • Ensure children have access to at least two hours of curriculum PE and the recommended 2 hours of physical activity per day as recommended by the Department of Health and opportunities to attend extra curricular clubs.

  • Understand the importance of PE for their physical and mental health to to create a positive growth mindset.



Through Leap into Life and PEDPASS (Physical Education Daily Physical Activity and School Sport) planning we teach:

  • Acquiring and developing skills
  • Selecting and applying skills tactics and compositional ideas
  • Knowledge and understanding of fitness and health
  • Evaluation and improving performance
  • Fundamental skills

Across all aspects of sport including Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Outdoor Adventure and Swimming.

Through our PE curriculum we inspire children to succeed, give children greater sporting and competitive opportunities and to become physically confident in a away that supports their health and fitness.



PE learning is loved by teachers and children across school. The successful approach to the teaching of PE at The Grove School will result in a fun, engaging, high quality PE, that provides children with the foundations for understanding of physical literacy that they can take with them once they complete their primary education.

Assessment at The Grove School uses informal strategies, Learning walls and PEDPASS assessments.

Children at The Grove School will:

- demonstrate a love of PE and an interest in developing their physical literacy further in many different physical activities.

- retain knowledge that is pertinent to PE with a real life context and leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

- be able to question ideas and reflect on knowledge.

- be able to articulate their understanding of different areas of PE using specific vocabulary linked to each area.

- demonstrate a high love of PE skills through their engagement in all areas of PE.

- demonstrating team skills and working collaboratively in all areas of PE.

- achieve age related expectations in PE at the end of their cohort year