Maths in Action

Mastery in Mathematics and 'Diving for Depth'
Once our children are taught a new concept in maths, they will be encouraged to 'master' that area of mathematics, meaning that they really understand what it is about, so that they can explain it to others, show it in different ways and even think about it in different contexts. Below is an example of a Year 5/6 Diving for Depth sheet, where a child has really thoroughly explored the relationship between two numbers.
Throughout the school, children are encouraged to enjoy maths and make it real, applying mathematical skills to real life and real situations. Have a look at some examples below:
Fractions Video Making in Year 3
The children and staff had an amazing amount of fun exploring fractions whilst creating this video! Now they are fractions kings and queens!
Fundraising for Residential in Year 6
Children take charge in raising money, making piggy banks and organising various events to raise lots of money; through this they are learning the real value of money and what it can buy, whilst keeping track of that ever-increasing total!
Fun Maths Games for Learning Times Tables
Try out the links below at home with your child to help them learn and practise their times tables. Each child from Year 2 upwards has a login for Times Tables Rockstars.
Calculation Policy and Times Tables Language
Here you will find our calculation policy. We encourage parents to use this document so that they are able to see how children are taught different calculation strategies in each year group and work with their child on these methods.
Lower down the school, when children are learning their times tables, we use certain language around learning these. You will also find an example of this below.
As part of Beech Tree Classes Super heroes topic the children have been making their own tower blocks for their role play area using their knowledge of 2d and 3d shapes.