Enrichment for Children's Learning

As a school we are no longer using the term 'gifted and talented' as we feel all children are special and have their own strengths and gifts.  What we aim to do is enrich the curriculum with opportunities for children to pursue their passions.
Ms Caldwell asked the teachers which children in their class are particularly passionate about English (reading, writing and drama), Maths, Science, P.E., Geography, ICT, Music, Art/Design Technology, Modern Foreign Languages and Forest School.  She then spoke to a few of the children to find out how they became so good at what they do and what helped them.  Here are a few quotes!
At the moment I'm reading 'Derek the sheep'. In our reading groups at school I get to show how good I am.  L
I like reading non-fiction books about how things work.  I like reading in
my head. D
Children's Fiction
How Much Poo Does an Elephant Do? (Mitchell Symons' Trivia Books) 
I'm really good at doing tuck jumps, climbing up a rope, walking along a really thin beam, cartwheels, forward rolls, teddy bear rolls, bridge, pike straddle and handstands. At home I practise this at home in our garden. R
I would like to work with number problems that have recurring numbers and decimal points. A
When I was 5 I used to go to play tennis with my nanny. I've been doing rugby for 3 years and I have been getting better and better. D
I like making things at home - I am going to make shoes, get some material and a sole, sew them, put some holes it it then get some string for shoelaces. D
I like reading on my own in the morning when I get up early. I think I have become good at it by doing it every day. H
I mostly read fiction and I like reading story books by lots of different authors.  I like reading to different people like my mum or in a reading group. P
I was really good at climbing because of my upper body strength. I started doing pull ups on the monkey bars at Leechwell. G
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In Maths I like everything we do - number,
shape, measuring and problem solving. I
do a bit of algebra with my dad. L
I like doing times tables and division a lot. I am happy with Maths the way it is. Ol
I love doing creative writing like Jacqueline Wilson and I like writing in the first person. At home I now have a laptop and can write in Word. A
At school I would like to know about different sciences in more detail, like nuclear physics and quantam mechanics. I have learnt alot about science from books. M
In year 4 I used to do algebraic equations and sequences which you had to work out what was happening each time. I also like explaining how to do Maths to other people. L