Year 5 and 6 Guava Tree Class Spring Term

Welcome to Guava class
Spring Term
Viking Invaders: What impact have they had on us?
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We have been super busy in Guava class this term learning all about the Vikings!  Have a look at what we have been up to
Vikings in a Nutshell - click on this link for a quick rundown of Viking history
Guava have been freeze framing and narrating the invasion of Lindsifarne and Britain by the Vikings.  Check out the videos with some 'creative' music to add atmosphere too.

Well what is more important that finding out and baking something that the Vikings may have eaten... Viking flapjack.  As part of our D&T, we followed a recipe: measured out the ingredients; mixed it well; shaped the flapjacks; popped them in the oven to bake; and of course, then ate them!  Can you guess what we put in that the Vikings would have used?
Well, what can I say... the Viking journey continues and TV news reports have been a key part of our English writing process (with a humorous slant!).  Take a look and see what we've learnt about how the Vikings invaded Britain, focusing on the invasion of the monks on Lindisfarne.

Viking God  / Goddess Artwork
Viking Saga Songs
Tricky way of learning, but we did it!  So we had to work in groups, following a learning cycle, which required us to work collaboratively with each other.  It seemed difficult when we first started at the 'gather, organise and generate' stages, but once we had generated our ideas, we realised that actually producing  a Viking saga song was easier than we expected!
Each group remembered and practised listening to each other, acknowledging each other's opinions and speaking at appropriate times. A big part of this was being able to negotiate with each other, but once we had completed all the hard work at the 'generate' stage, we did this successfully :-)
Task - create and perform a Viking saga song.
Did we achieve this? DEFINITELY! 
Viking Artifact Museum
In our topic groups, we had one hour to produce a Viking artifact and present all the information about it.  All pupils worked very hard collaboratively to create information boards or powerpoints, so that if you walked around our museum, you would know everything you needed to about the artifacts.
Great team work and fabulous learning about Viking history!
Guava Viking Fashion!
Guava have been working particularly hard over the last two weeks researching, designing and making a mini Viking outfit in comparison to a modern day outfit.  We can't wait to show this at our Guava Viking fashion show this week!
Well, all the designing, cutting and stitching has paid off - just look at our amazing Viking v Modern Day outfits below.  We showed all our learning in our fashion show and each group produced a voice over to explain the outfits: how they were made, why particular colours were chosen and suitability for wearing.  Fantastic!

Viking Houses
In Forest School, Guava have been using their viking knowledge to build Viking houses.  They create a design using research about what a Viking house may have looked like and from this, used a combination of sticks, twigs, straw, mud and water to help with the creation.  They are so pleased with them that all groups have managed to produce something that is unique to their plan.  Well done!
Science - Animals, including humans
What a start to our Science unit Guava.  In groups, they had to work collaboratively to create a human 'flip flap' body.  Great fun but lots of communication skills, delegation skills and tasks to complete.  You can see the start of them below, and the final pieces will be on display soon.
Curriculum Enhancements
While the Year 6 children have been out watching a performance of Billy Elliot at KEVICCs, our Year 5 pupils have been learning all about the Kids Tusk Force UK.  It has been super finding out about the wildlife in Africa, specifically Kenya, but devastating to find out about the level of poaching that goes on.  So to help, we have been making bracelets to sell and raise money so that in school, we will be able to adopt an elephant or a rhino.  We can't wait!
Year 5 attended a Fair trade Conference at KEVICCS, and I have got to say, they thoroughly enjoyed it!  There were two guest speakers from the Windward Islands, who were extremely informative, and shared their experiences of being Fair trade banana growers.  From the banana fibres, everybody got the opportunity to make a friendship bracelet, which again looked fantastic!
The year 5 pupils had half term to create a banana bird or banana animal for a competition at the conference, and guess what... we had two winners!  Have a look the photographs to see them receiving their prizes.
Website Learning Links
If you need any help with anything, or just want some extra practice, please click on the links below.  They will take you to some interesting videos and games to play to help with your learning.

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