Year 5 and 6 Guava Tree Class Autumn Term

Welcome to Guava Tree's page!
Here you will find information about our learning as well as lots of photos of the fun that we are having throughout the year.
The children in Guava were set a team challenge of carefully following instructions without any adult support! They had to follow a recipe, carefully measuring and mixing ingredients to make cookie dough mix. 
Once made, the final challenge was to share out the dough and use their creativity to create a piece of work which reflected themselves; we had all sorts of creations, from a whale (showing that the child is adventurous) to a heart (to illustrate how important family and friends are). What great work Guava Class!
In Forest School, the children in Guava Tree Class solved a variety of challenges within a team: they were stuck in the forest, lost and had to survive - using only what they could find and the resources supplied for them within a small survival box! Thankfully, they all succeeded after building a safe shelter to rest in, a fire area to cook food, a water filter to filter any water they could find before boiling it, looking after teammates who might have been injured and finally, creating tools that they could use in order to catch food - what an exciting adventure!
Our year 6s have also been taking part in a local Forest School Project at Dartington, working with local craftsmen and women, learning new skills, and creating fabulous products including baskets and coat rails. The children will be selling these at Totnes market before Christmas, so be sure not to miss out!
Spooky Forest School!
In literacy we are writing spooky stories. To inspire us we have been making cobwebs and all manner of spooky craft in Forest School. These will be displayed around our classrooms while we do our writing.
Could a Harry Potter-type world exist?
The Year 5/6 children had a fantastic morning when they received an invitation to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; however, in order to attend, they each had to complete a series of challenges. Have a look at the photos of riddle solving, discovering items in the apothecary, transfiguration deciphering, companion crearing and much more. At the end you will see photos of our special sorting ceremony, when children were sorted into Hogwarts houses they had created, based on their team's key qualities.
Harry Potter-themed shadow investigations in Science
In Guava, the children made shadow puppets based on Harry Potter characters; they then used the puppets to investigate how shadows are formed and can be altered by changing the distance to the light source, material and how light travels.
Harry Potter Transfiguration Artwork
The Year 5 children learned about transfiguration - the act of turning one object into another and explore Steven McMennamy's artwork, in which he captures this process. The children then used an app to merge two images containing similarities, in order to show a transfiguration spell caught on camera!

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