Year 5 and 6 Grey Birch Tree Class Spring Term

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RE Radio Question Time - Live on Radio!
Here is the link to our very first EVER Grove School radio broadcast! Grey Birch Class were incredible and posed some very deep and meaningful questions. Enjoy!
It's All Greek To Me: What did the Greeks do for us?
To begin our new topic, we took part in a challenge to discover what artefacts were in front of us and where they came from. The answer was Ancient Greece.
Our Grey Birch i-movie Interpretations of The 12 Labours of Hercules as part of our literacy work on voyage and return myths

Ancient Greek Maps for Our Own Greek Myths
Once we knew the myths of the 12 Labours of Hercules, we planned our own Greek-inspired myths, based on the voyage and return structure. To help us plan, we designed our own Greek monsters and created ancient looking maps, mapping the journey our heroes would take on their quest to defeat the villain.
Greek Gods Information
As part of our literacy work we worked in small groups to become experts on a chosen Greek God or Goddess. When we had plenty of information, we wrote our own fact sheets using the tools we knew to write great sentences.
Collaborative Class Piece of Greek God Art
We were really inspired by a painting of the God Poseidon as it was so vibrant and busy, giving us great discussions and decided to make our own class collaborative interpretation of the piece of art. We split the painting into 30 equal pieces and were each given the responsibility of recreating one part. You can see some of the individual pieces below. We can't wait to see the finished result!
Maths Made Real and DT
We were set the challenge of designing and creating our own mini doll's sized furniture for a dolls house using our knowledge of ratio and making them to scale! It was great fun and we are really pleased with the finished result.
Inspiring Chemists Day with Ken Armstrong
In Years 5 and 6 we had an exciting Chemistry day with a Chemistry specialist from a local college. We took part in various experiments with various compounds.
Below you can see our experiment adding magnesium to hydrochloric acid - it produced hydrogen, which popped when it came into contact with a lit splint!
We also burned different elements to see the different colours produces, just like in fireworks. 
Finally you can see us watching magnesium burn - it was so bright we had to look using our peripheral vision!

Exploring Fractions, Decimals and Percentages and the relationship between them
Variation in Maths
We explored how we could rearrange calculations using known facts and use our knowledge of place value and the order we arranged them to help us work out the answer.
Investigations in Maths
We carried out various geometry investigations: In one we explored the relationship between the radius, diameter and circumference of circles, in another we investigated missing angles in shapes as a team.
Spanish Conversations and Writing Sentences to describe
Watch and read some of our Spanish conversations and writing to describe objects. We worked really hard to agree the adjectives correctly depending on if the object was masculine or feminine and whether it was singular and plural. Can you hear and spot this in our conversations and writing?

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