Year 5 and 6 Bay Tree Class Autumn Term

Welcome to Bay Tree Class!
Wow Autumn term is flying by and already with such fabulous learning! On this page you will find information about our daily routine, homeworks as well as some of the exciting things we have been up to. Enjoy!
Our new topic for this term is 'Alien Invaders' and asks the question  of how did the Vikings impacts on us? Where did they come from? What did they do? What did they leave us as artefacts?
We will be looking at many different areas of learning, covering different subjects along the way.
This week in Science the children have been investigating circuits using a WHAT? WHY? HOW? investigation.
They created a simple circuit, identified symbols and questioned what happens when a circuit breaks.
Growth Mindset
We are building up our resilience by learning all about the power of YET we can all achieve if we work hard but we might not all be able to do things YET.
We had a lesson thinking about what we have to do in order to succeed and about many successful people who initially faced setbacks.
To illustrate the need for a growth mindset the children had to make an origami penguin with no instructions: "That's impossible!" " I can't do it!" "What am I supposed to do?!"
The children were right, they couldn't do it... yet.
At the end of the lesson they were set the same challenge and, with a bit of help and resilience, we had a class of penguins in no time! 
Our Topic is Harry Potter. The children had to do a magical trail full of riddles and challenges. At the end they were enrolled in Hogwarts with a wizarding name, next will be the sorting...
Music and Art
We have started music projects all about magical creatures. Inspired by Stravinsky's "Firebird" finale we have been discussing how music takes us on a journey and tells us a story.
The children have chosen magical creatures from the Harry Potter world to base their own compositions on. In art they have drawn detailed pictures of these animals and have been thinking about how to represent them in musical form: would a dragon be forte and slow? Would a house elf be represented by lighter instruments like flutes?
Spooky Forest School!
In literacy we are writing spooky stories, therefore in forest school we made cobwebs and have collected lots of resources to make spooky inspiration to hang around the classrooms!
The children worked together to research some high-quality authors and writers. They presented their findings to the class and made some beautiful posters.
The children have taken part in the "Golden Mile" a fantastic initiative to promote healthy lifestyles! The children had to do as many laps of the field as they could in 4 minutes, they could go at their own pace but were not allowed to stop!
Forest School!
Our topic is Harry potter so the children have made potions in forest school: they could choose whether they wanted to make sweet-smelling potions based on what they knew, and could find out, about plants and herbs.
Marshmallow architects!
The children worked in teams to create free-standing structures out of marshmallow and spaghetti. We researched famous architecture around the world for inspiration. The structure had to be free-standing for 10 seconds and the tallest structure won!

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