Year 3 and 4 Ginkgo Tree Class Summer Term

Welcome to Summer Term webpage for Ginkgo Tree Class.  It's the sunniest place to be!
Our main topic this term is called Devon Detectives.  We'll be using our geographical, historical and literacy skills to investigate the amazing county of Devon.
We started off with a trip to Dartmoor to investigate the legend of Bowerman and his hounds.
We've also started our campaign to be a more environmentally-friendly school.  We had a Pirates Against Plastic day and made this super collage about marine litter.
Maya was so inspired, she now features on the Surfers Against Sewage website.  Check this out
We also went to KEVICC for an awesome Athletics festival.
Our science topic this term is light.  We started by investigating shadows and making our own shadow puppets.
We then practiced our hand-made shadow puppets.
We tracked the sun's progress across the sky and investigated how the length of the shadows changed throughout the day.
This term we're going to try something never before tried!  We're going to make a TOTEM POLE!!!  I know, how amazing is that!  This is the first stage...getting the bark off the individual segments.
Mrs Jarvis taught us all about coordinates by playing a HUGE game of battleships.  It was so much fun.
This is stage two of making our Totem pole!  Here we are carving the designs.
We investigated plants this term.  Here we are doing some professional sketches.
We designed some seed dispersal mechanisms to see how far we could transport a seed.

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