Year 3 and 4 Ginkgo Tree Class Spring Term

Welcome to the Spring term.  This term we are going on an exhilarating Egyptian adventure and learning all about Ancient Egypt.  So if you don't know your pyramid from your elbow, then stayed tuned.  You're about to find out!
We started off our term with a week-long project into designing the best bottle rocket ever.  The winners are going to KEVICC in June to take part in a regional final.
To start our Egyptian topic, we first looked at Totnes and how the river Dart shaped the development of the town.  We then made comparisons to the river Nile and ancient Egypt. 
We had an awesome Ancient Egyptian day where we learned how to mummify a dead body.
Our Egyptian costumes were great.  Thank you grown-ups!
We made canopic jars to store all the grizzly things we took out of the body!
We took inspiration for our artwork from the river Nile.
We investigated the fantastic world of FORCES!  Here we are exploring how magnets work.
We investigated friction by rolling bobbins along smooth and bumpy surfaces.  The bobbin rolled further on smoother surfaces because there was less friction.
We made Egyptian shadufs to water the ground around Leechwell.  Thank goodness, the grass won't dry out!

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