Year 3 and 4 Flame Tree Class Autumn Term

Hello, welcome to Flame Tree Class!
Here is our TIMETABLE for the Autumn Term ......
Here is the OVERVIEW for the Autumn Term......
Here we all are.  We are wonderful learners ......
Our Forest School Andy Goldsworthy inspired art.
We started our STONEAGE TOPIC with an Archaeological Dig ......
Learning all about ROCKS, SOILS and FOSSILS.
We learnt about what SOILS are made of...
We learnt about the different types of ROCK ......
We learnt about how fossils are formed......
We carried out a FAIR test to see which SOIL allows water to flow through most/least easily......
Here are our results......
Home learning tasks
We had the most amazing time.  We dug for fossils, held real life artefacts, did some cave drawings, took part in a woodland treasure hunt and the best bit - had a real adventure down an authentic Stoneage Cave!! Wow!  Aren't we lucky?
Today we have been learning lots about The Stoneage.  We drew cave pictures, learnt about the timeline of The Stoneage, drew sSoneage animals, made Stoneage jewellery and tools, designed Stoneage shelters and made replicas of Stonehenge out of lego.
Fantastic Flame shared their learning about The Stone Age.
Thank you to everyone who came to share our assembly. We hope you learnt lots about the stone age, especially enjoying our cave rock!

Natural History Expert!! WOW, WOW, WOW!

We had the most informative and interesting visit yesterday from a Natural History Expert!

With him came fossils and artefacts we were able to handle.

We love it when Kip comes to do music with us.  Kip visited with some students from The University of Plymouth.  We learnt a song and sang in rounds.  We learnt some actions and then we learnt the melody on different instruments.  It was GREAT FUN!
After Christmas, we are going to be part of an exciting new project to research, design, make and present a rocket.  This is a competition and the best team from The Grove will go and present their rocket at KEVICC some time in June.  We are very excited.  If you can help in any way, let us know.
We learnt all about our skeleton and muscles and about how to eat healthily.

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