Year 3 and 4 Chestnut Tree Class Spring Term

Hello and welcome to the Chestnut Tree class webpage!
Here you can find lots of our exciting learning and important bits and bobs such as homework, timetables and useful links.
Below are the new class transition activities and videos should you wish to give them another look. We look forward to meeting you in September and hope you are ready for a super year!
Have a super summer! Miss Vitali and Mrs Biggins
Can you help us in our search? Miss Vitali and Mrs Biggins present...The Quest

Transition activity 1
Please find below the Passport to next year task- a set of questions for your child to fill in so we can get to know them before they arrive- with space for a photo too!
Transition activity 2

We love to see children enjoying themselves.  The most important thing next year is that you have FUN!
Having fun makes us HAPPY and helps us be the best we can be.

Spend the day doing things that you find fun and send us pictures, videos or whatever else you choose, showing us what makes YOU happy.

Your new class

Transition activity 3


Silly self portraits

In Chestnut Tree class we love to be creative, inventive and have lots of fun!

What I would love for you to do today is to create a magnificent work of Art! Especially showcasing your smiling faces and unique features.

Using what ever medium you like (for example paints, pastels, colouring pencils, charcoal- even lego or something whacky!) Have a go at making a self portrait of yourself and if you want to you can include your family and friends.

If you want to make it super fancy and museum-worthy try adding a frame too. You could see if you have any spare pasta in the cupboard, or ribbons or wool.

The choice is yours- Use your imagination and have fun! Can't wait to see them.

T. 01803 862018 E.