Year 3 and 4 Autumn Term 2021

Hello and welcome to the Year 3 and 4  classes web page!
Here you can find lots of our exciting learning and important bits and bobs such as homework, timetables and useful links.
Please Find below a document with helpful links and resources- it contains link to websites to support Numeracy, Literacy, Reading and Phonics as well as a variety of other subjects.
Here are a variety of spellings the children will be covering this year, these work alongside/ compliment our weekly home learning spellings.
Here are the current and previous home learning resources
Savage Stone Age!
At the beginning of the school year our first Topic was the Stone Age!
We explored the three periods- Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic and compared and contrasted them linking to our current everyday lives.
We made prehistoric animal habitats, carved soap flint arrow heads, dissected Cave man poo and created stunning works of cave art among other things!
Christmas Festivities!
During the festive period we honed our performing skills and each class performed a short rendition of 'The Grinch' by Dr Zeuss, we put our sewing skills to the test making mini stockings and explored the history of Christmas celebrations and advent through RE. Within PE we looked into 'flash mob' styles of dance and created our very own Christmas Dance surprise!
The Awesome Egyptians!
Our second topic was the Awesome Egyptians! We learnt about their influence on the modern world, their social hierarchy, monuments and architecture and of course the art of embalming and preparation for the journey through the afterlife!
This, however was just a snippet! Have a look at our albums and see what you can discover.
Devon Detectives!