Step inside our classrooms

Science (Autumn 1) - Sound Explorations!
In Science this half term Year 3/4 classes are exploring Sound - How it is made, how we hear it and what ways we can alter pitch and volume, including soundproofing.  We started the topic off with a noisy, but very fun, afternoon exploring different ways we can make and hear sound. We also discovered we can feel sound! 
In Spanish we have had the wonderful Mr El Khadhi in to teach us lots of new vocabulary and conversational pieces!
We have learnt greetings, feelings, being present in different places and all about lots of exciting Spanish customs and traditions including traditional Spanish dance, food and Spanish speaking countries of the world! Fantastico!
Try testing yourself and your grown-ups later and perfect your pronunciation :)
We watched the Tour of Britain come through Totnes!
We took some time out of the classroom recently to cheer on the Tour of Britain cyclists as they came through Totnes. It was amazing to see so many cyclists and our classes were very supportive, cheering them on! 
(September 2021)