Year 1 and 2 Beech Tree Class Summer Term

We had a fabulous Pirates Against Plastic Day!
We spent the morning with Alex in Leechwell Gardens where we learned about recycling, reusing and reducing our plastic waste. 
We set sail and discovered just how dangerous plastic waste in our seas and oceans is for wildlife.
We are now thinking of ways in which we can reduce our use of plastics, especially single use plastics.
We had a great Fun Day at Berry Pomeroy Castle.
We explored the Castle and discovered what it would have been like to have lived or worked in the Castle when it was built. Most of us decided that we would not like to have been either a servant then or put in the dungeons!
We explored the Castle grounds and were really lucky to see Canada Geese and their goslings close up.
We are hoping to grow lots of fruit and vegetables this term in our class growing bed. 
So we were very grateful when Richard (Zoya's daddy) brought lots of new top soil for the school beds. We have been busy wedding and preparing the ground for planting. We shall be planting lots of seeds and small plants soon!

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