Spanish at The Grove
Aim - Why do we teach Spanish?
We teach Spanish as soon as children start school with us in the Early Years right through to Year 6.  We feel that learning Spanish from as young as possible is really beneficial to building the foundations to speaking, reading, writing and understanding another language.  Spanish phonetically really complements English and can be learnt alongside learning to read. As our Year 6 children leave us, many of them then continue with the language learning skills they have developed through Spanish at secondary school.
What is our vision for Spanish at The Grove?
  •         We want our children to become excited and passionate about communicating in another language, the number 2 language of the world in terms of how many people speak it as their first language.
  •         We want learning Spanish to be fun, engaging and relevant through games, songs, videos, conversations, reading real Spanish texts and writing.
  •         We want to empower children to broaden their Spanish vocabulary by teaching them new vocabulary and allowing them to choose other words that they could use in different contexts, by providing them with a list of options to choose from or through the use of dictionaries and technology.
  •         We want all children to speak, sing, listen to and write in Spanish within their ability and use it to support their learning of English in terms of reading, sentence construction, grammar and punctuation.
  •         We want our children to have the ability to express their own thoughts and opinions in Spanish, using vocabulary and sentence constructions they have been taught and to build on these, as well as use them in later life in Spanish speaking countries..
  •         We want our children to have a real thirst for finding out about how people in Spanish speaking countries live and how their culture is similar and different to theirs, helping them further understand the world we live in.
  •         We teach Spanish right through from Reception to Year 6 as we believe this is hugely powerful alongside learning English as it is phonetically very similar. The younger the learners begin, the more quickly they pick up the language.

What does progress look like in Spanish?

  • Increasing confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing in Spanish

  • Greater understanding of Spanish

  • More manipulative language skills

  • Increasing grammatical understanding and use of grammar to phrase spoken and written Spanish

  • Improving pronunciation of Spanish

  • Greater understanding of culture in Spanish speaking countries

  • Increasing memory for vocabulary

  • More intuitive Spanish language use rather than translation

What do we want children to leave the Grove with?

  •         We want children to leave our school with a curiosity about other languages and cultures. We want them to be open-minded in a society that is not always accepting of other people.
  •         We want them to have confidence in language learning and to believe that they have the ability to learn any new language if they work hard enough at it.
  •         We want them to be able to use and apply the language learning skills they have learned and developed such as pattern spotting, noticing similarities between languages and grammar rules to continue to develop their knowledge of the Spanish language or when learning another language.
  •         We want them to want to continue with language learning at secondary school and through life.


We believe that by teaching Spanish from Reception to Year 6, our Year 6 children will have embedded these skills firmly. They will have had an extra three years of language learning compared to children from some other schools, which will stand them in great stead for continuing to develop a language through secondary school and life.


Intent - What do we teach in Spanish?

We use the Speekee programme as the basis of our Spanish teaching.  The units cover a range of Spanish vocabulary and themes, which are tied to other areas of learning.  We also use Spanish texts and songs to enhance children's language learning experience.  

Year 5 and 6 Conversations and Writing Sentences to describe
Watch and read some of our Year 5 and 6 Spanish conversations and writing to describe objects. We worked really hard to agree the adjectives correctly depending on if the object was masculine or feminine and whether it was singular and plural. Can you hear and spot this in our conversations and writing?
Spanish colours song compositions in Years 5 and 6
Have a look at our colour songs we composed in Spanish. Can you find the song lyrics that accompany them below and recognise the tunes we composed our music to?
¡Hola! ¿Quieres jugar?
Hello! Do you want to play?
Try out the Spanish games below to test your vocabulary.