Religious Education

Religious Education at The Grove
At The Grove School creativity is at the centre of all we do.

 The vision for our children is that through Religious Education children develop the ability to think creatively, be respectful of others with empathy and understanding. Making sense of religious and non-religious beliefs.


By the time children leave The Grove at 11 years old they will:


  • Develop a tolerance of others, including their beliefs and views

  • Explain what people believe and what differences make to how they live

  • Gain confidence and sensitivity, expressing their own thoughts and beliefs

  • Reflect on their own ideas and ways of living, respecting the rights of others

  • Develop a growth mindset

  • Make connections between local, national and global issues

  • Use ICT skills to embed their learning

  • Gain knowledge and understanding needed to handle questions raised

  • Participate positively in society, with its diverse religions and beliefs

  • Develop empathy and understanding of differences

  • Have an increased passion for learning

    Our full curriculum for Religious Education in available in school. 

We follow a two year rolling program for Religious Education.
Year 1 & 2
We learn about baptism.  We visited St Mary's Church  and learnt what happens during a baptism, all the special objects that are used and why it's so special for Christians.
Year 3 & 4
A member of the church came to talk to us about belonging and what it meant to her to be a Christian. How being a Christian affected her life and how she lived as a Christian.
We also had a visit from a young Islamic girl who talked about her faith. We then made Pillars of Islam.
Year 5 & 6
Children created a Thank you book after an interesting and informative visit to St. Mary's Church.
They enhanced their learning about features of a church. 
Grey Birch Tree Class planned and broadcast our very own Grove School radio show. We called it 'Question Time' and posed some very in depth questions about life and death from the viewpoint of people from different religions. Happy listening!