Reception Unit Acorns Spring Term

The children have been enjoying developing their physical skills using the apparatus this term. They have developed in confidence in travelling over, under and around the equipment and often think of some very creative ways to move!
The children wanted to learn about Unicorns so we have been looking at Julia Donaldson's 'I Wish I'd Been Born a Unicorn'. The children then explored representing Unicorns with a range of media including clay, textiles, paper, card, paint and pastels. We worked together to make up some exciting stories and have been enjoying writing our ideas!
Well done to all the children in Reception for having such a brilliant Autumn Term and settling into school so well. We were all very proud of how amazing you were in the Nativity and we can't believe it's the Spring Term already!
We have had a great start to our Spring Term. We have been inspired by the story of 'Stick Man' by Julia Donaldson. We have been making our own stick characters and they've been having some very exciting adventures; flying to the moon, getting eaten by whales, going to the park, designing wind turbines, driving cars and ballet dancing! When you're out walking, keep an eye out for any Stick Characters that might be off adventuring!

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