Welcome to our music page!
At the Grove School we are passionate about every child receiving a high-quality musical education across the year groups. We have a whole-school singing assembly every Thursday as well as curriculum lessons within each classroom.
In addition to this we are very fortunate to have visiting tutors who enrich our curriculum by providing whole-class workshops, we enjoy an association with Plymouth university who provide inspirational musical experiences for our children and staff.
Children also have the opportunity to have peripatetic music lessons from KS1, they are learning: piano, guitar, strings, woodwind and singing. 
Bay Tree Class Art and Music!
We have been inspired by Stravinsky's, "Firebird" finale to create our own compositions based on magical creatures. As our topic is Harry Potter we have selected a magical creature from the books to base our compositions on.
These are some of our detailed drawing of the animals, which is part of our planning helping us to think about how we can represent these creatures in musical form: what would they sound like? Would a Hippogriff be forte and played in brass instruments or piano and played on woodwind? Would a giant snake be played by strings or percussion?
Enjoy browsing through this selection of photos taken of our Year 6 production, 'Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits!' What an incredible show it was!
Peripatetic Music Lessons
Here are some photos of two of our musicians having lessons with one of our FANTASTIC peripatetic staff Nicky. They sounded super!
Year 5 Music!
We have been studying some of the BBC ten pieces this year. Here is our work on Benjamin Britten's "Sea Interludes" from "Peter Grimes" we wrote our own graphic scores and performed our compositions, inspired by the sea, to the class.

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