Gifted and Talented

Ms Caldwell asked the teachers which children in their class are particularly talented in English (reading, writing and drama), Maths, Science, P.E., Geography, ICT, Music, Art/Design Technology, Modern Foreign Languages and Forest School.  She then spoke to a few of the children to find out how they became so good at what they do and what helped them.  Here are a few quotes!
At the moment I'm reading 'Derek the sheep'. In our reading groups at school I get to show how good I am.  Lotta
I like reading non-fiction books about how things work.  I like reading in
my head. Daisy
Children's Fiction
How Much Poo Does an Elephant Do? (Mitchell Symons' Trivia Books) 
I'm really good at doing tuck jumps, climbing up a rope, walking along a really thin beam, cartwheels, forward rolls, teddy bear rolls, bridge, pike straddle and handstands. At home I practise this at home in our garden. Rosie
I would like to work with number problems that have recurring numbers and decimal points. Albie
When I was 5 I used to go to play tennis with my nanny. I've been doing rugby for 3 years and I have been getting better and better. Dylan
I like making things at home - I am going to make shoes, get some material and a sole, sew them, put some holes it it then get some string for shoelaces. Dora
I like reading on my own in the morning when I get up early. I think I have become good at it by doing it every day. Hughie
I mostly read fiction and I like reading story books by lots of different authors.  I like reading to different people like my mum or in a reading group. Phoebe
I was really good at climbing because of my upper body strength. I started doing pull ups on the monkey bars at Leechwell. Grace
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In Maths I like everything we do - number,
shape, measuring and problem solving. I
do a bit of algebra with my dad. Laurie
I like doing times tables and division alot. I am happy with Maths the way it is. Oliver
I love doing creative writing like Jacqueline Wilson and I like writing in the first person. At home I now have a laptop and can write in Word. Anna
At school I would like to know about different sciences in more detail, like nuclear physics and quantam mechanics. I have learnt alot about science from books. Manu
In year 4 I used to do algebraic equations and sequences which you had to work out what was happening each time. I also like explaining how to do Maths to other people. Leo

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