Forest School

Forest school at The Grove



Increasing confidence, self esteem and respect in preparation for an ever-changing world, and for every student to have the opportunity to achieve their complete and full potential. The philosophy of Forest Schools is to inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences.

To achieve this we aim to

Embed the skill Knowledge into the children’s weekly lives

Target children and encourage them to practise their skills

To provide equal opportunities for children,

Build on independence to build resilience to try different tools and skills. To become independent and help others .

To provide children with opportunities to experience different sites e.g Dartington skills for 5/6 and Sharpham sites etc

Ensure equality through resources and funding

Ensure the children have the access to at least 1 hour of forest school a week  this in higher age group can be in weekly slots.

To understand the importance of forest school has on their physical and mental health to create a positive growth mindset.