Acorns Spring Term

Welcome back, we are looking forward to a fantastic Spring Term!

Acorn Unit Home Learning


Please read with your child every day and write a comment/ sign their reading record book.

You can also support your child by engaging with their Tapestry Learning Journal, talking about the photos/ activities they have been doing will help them to consolidate their learning.

Please also add observations/ photos/ comments that demonstrate your child’s growing understanding and progress towards the Early Learning Goals.


Some other ideas:

  • Counting in as many contexts as possible - steps up the stairs, money into a money box etc.

  • Play games that involve the concepts of addition and subtraction.

  • Make up stories together through role play, using puppets or Small World toys.

  • Label pictures, write letters, lists, cards, stories, diaries using their phonic knowledge to write words and sentences.

  • Encourage your child to explore natural environments, ask questions, notice patterns and changes.

  • Talk about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.

  • Provide opportunities for them to develop their physical skills e.g. riding bikes, sweeping with large brooms, using scissors, running, climbing etc.



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