Acorns- Reception Class

Welcome to the Reception page.
In the Foundation Stage we like to learn through play!
We enjoy playing inside and outside and we do Forest School.
Our teachers support us in our child initiated play to help us to learn and achieve. We call this learning 'Discovery Time'.
Sometimes our learning is messy as we like to engage all of our senses. Hands on, practical learning is memorable learning!
We believe that learning should be creation, not consumption; it is important for children to explore and make their own connections when making sense of the world.
Starting School -The First Five Days
Thank you all for letting us know which sessions your child will attend in the First Five Days. Our priority will be helping your child to settle into school, feel safe and happy. We will get to know them through playing with them. 
What will happen on the first day?
We will come out to meet you all and will help the children to say goodbye and come into the classroom.
In small groups, they will have a look around the classroom and be shown where everything is, including their lockers, the snack table and the toilets. Our toilets are next to the classrooms. 
The children will then have some 'Discovery Time' where they can choose where to play. They will be able to play inside or outside. The adults will all play and engage with the children. We are very lucky, as we have lots of adults so they will get lots of help and attention.  
We will then tidy up and in small groups we will read a story. 
The time goes very quickly and we will help them to get ready to go home. Most children are keen to stay longer, this is our intended reaction, we want them to leave wanting more rather than feeling  tired!
We know how much parents worry  and that these few hours may feel like a very long time for you.  Please be assured if your child is struggling or we have any concerns at all we will phone you. We will also try to post some pictures of your child playing and having fun on Seesaw so keep an eye out for those! If you haven't completed the Seesaw consent form, please complete and return it to admin@the-grove-primary.devon.sch.uk.
What will happen over the next few days?
The next few days will follow a similar format while we help the children to become familiar with their new environment,  build relationships and introduce them to different toys and activities.
After those initial 5 days we are anticipating that children will come into school full time. Please let us know if you feel your child would benefit from part time attendance for longer. 
We will then start to introduce some more carpet sessions where we will focus on Phase 1 Phonics through short games. We will give you more information about phonics in the future. 
What should they bring?
When they first start school, the only things they need  are a named water bottle and a named, spare set of clothes(in case of accidents). If you would like, they can also bring a healthy snack. However, fresh fruit will be available each day. The children will choose when they would like to eat their snack. 
We will let you know when to send in their P.E and Forest School Kits. 
Please don't forget to label all their school uniform and everything they bring in!